mysterium tremendum et fascinans

Within the limits of ego identity and language, how can we contain non-duality? How can we articulate the unspeakable? How can we digest and integrate experiences that are far beyond our ken, without driving ourselves back into illusion-borne fear?

I'm so very excited to share my latest piece for the Embodied Philosophy blog, Why is God Scary?. It took about six months to write, and it comes from my deepest heart, an attempt to articulate my experiential understanding of the deep and interwoven Mystery that is us and everything.

I presuppose that my readers know a certain amount of vocabulary from yoga philosophy. Otherwise my already long-winded work would end up even longer! If you find Why is God Scary? to be too dense or unfamiliar, you might try reading my expository piece on the Bhagavad Gita first, All Paths Lead to Moksha