Slouching Towards Community

Do you crave assurance that in our deepest sheaves we embody blissfully free, cooperative, spontaneous, egalitarian, and unmanaged intelligence? Would you rather not attend voting result extended happy hour? Are your gammies tired from standing in the suffrage line? Do you just want it all to be over? Look no further than restorative yoga with me tonight at 8pm at Daya Yoga in Bushwick. I'm riding on a body nerd high, having taught anatomy in the Daya Teacher Training today. We'll explore the possibility of radical embodiment as a reauthoring of our social and political landscape. The body wisdom microcosm teaches us that body reality by its very nature is auto-organizing and non-local in its intelligence. Each piece is has its own individual role to play, and yet remains paradoxically non-separate from the whole. Far from the false Cartesian overlay the western world has applied, bodymind, a continuity, is non-hierarchical. The revolution starts within each of us with this knowledge. Eckhart Tolle says, "Body awareness not only anchors you in the present moment, it is a doorway out of the prison that is the ego." The egoic prison writ large is technocapitalism, drunk on hierarchy and subjugation. Get free!

Supta Baddhakonasana