“I began practicing with Rebekah having a year of previous experience attending several different group classes in the city. I started with Rebekah in a small group setting and found that my progress, both mentally and physically, began to improve at rates I never would have expected. I went from being the girl who stared wide eyed at the people doing crow and head stand to being able to do the same and even move further into forearm stand and handstand to mention a couple. I always leave class having worked toward something, whether it be a specific pose, a more focused mind, or even just feeling like days of wearing my New York armor of heavy bags has been washed away.

I found that Rebekah’s adjustments, both verbal and physical, were more helpful than other instructors in the past as I saw my posture, strength, and balance drastically improve. I didn’t realize how important verbal cues were until I was able to seamlessly flow from one position to the next without looking up. She has a real knack of “reading the room” as I like to say. When I was in group classes, she was able to work with both beginner and advanced students while making everyone feel like they had a personal practice.  

One of my favorite traits about Rebekah that I’ve never seen in another instructor is her own passion for education and sharing that knowledge with her students. She’s taken continued courses in Sanskrit and anatomy, more than most instructors need or want to.  I feel that her continued education in anatomy makes me a little more at ease when pushing myself, knowing that she will make sure that when I do push myself to the limit, I’m not worried about injuring myself. Rebekah is constantly making sure my muscles are working to their maximum without overextending and working through the proper counter-poses to build a well-balanced practice.

In addition to my strength, her more scholarly yoga studies have, in turn, helped me to study the spiritual attributes of yoga. I still have a hard time fully letting myself explore the mental and meditative teachings of yoga, but find myself open to the opportunity given Rebekah’s laid back, easy going approach.

At this point, almost 4 years later, I am now practicing individually and continuing to see results I never thought were possible. Sometimes I really want  a good workout, other times the opportunity to stretch out worn muscles, and sometimes a more spiritual class following extra stressful days of work. She quickly adjusts her plans and I leave every class feeling extremely fulfilled.”

--Nancy R, New York, NY


“I took Rebekah's 10am class today and that woman is such an amazing teacher. Like cuckoo crazy awesome. That woman is like perfection on mag wheels.”

--Joan W, Brooklyn, NY



Lissette Cheresson of Wanderlust interviewed me about teaching yoga at Burning Man!