group classes in your corporate office

The word "yoga" comes from the Sanskrit root yuj (युज्) meaning 'yoked' or 'harnessed.'  Offering yoga in your office is a wonderful way to yoke your employees more thoroughly to your corporate enterprise, through mind control, heat, and stress postures. 

Just kidding! 

Offering group yoga classes to your staff is an exceptional way to reduce negative stress, foster community, encourage fitness, and improve productivity and staff satisfaction.  Yoga practice is the perfect antidote to being seated at a desk all day.  Before I was a yoga teacher, I had a desk job, and yoga was essential in keeping my back healthy and comfortable, my mood positive, and my attention focused.  I've taught yoga in a variety of corporate and office settings during and following the workday, in businesses ranging from marketing firms, to shoe and clothing design companies, to government agencies who execute agricultural law, to firms who do IT for other IT firms (no joke! so meta).  Yoga is great for every body. 

Please email me to discuss rates for my office yoga classes:



  • Please allow 24 hours notice for cancellation

  • Payment for lessons cancelled with less than 24 hours notice is due in full

  • Students or company are responsible for providing their own mats and props (but I can tell you where to get what you need)